Monday, August 08, 2005

Smoothie Therapy

The queasiness went away, finally. It vaguely reminded me of the queasiness that I got when I first went on birth control pills many moons ago. Not "I'm gonna ralph" nausea, but that slightly blech feeling that doesn't really leave you. Like you're not sure to barf or not nausea.

I had to go out and get gas for the car (I basically coasted to the station down the street on the leftover fumes, that's how empty my tank was) and go to the bank, so I went to Planet Smoothie to treat myself, since it was sort of on my way (okay, it wasn't, but I didn't care...I wanted one!). All I can say is.....yummy yummy. I got the "Thelma and Louise" which was quite tasty (and apparently the "Women's Only" booster in it is preggo- or trying to be preggo-friendly).

I found that after scarfing one down (and risking brain freeze) my queasy feeling had miraculously disappeared........

Smoothie Therapy RULES!

Hmmm......maybe I am pregnant?........okay, I really didn't say that! Forget that I said that! I don't wanna jinx myself! ARRRGH!


cat said...

mmmm... smoothies.

sorry about your migraines and nausea it's like we are having mirror symptoms at two ends of a cycle. strange.

hopefully your nausea is for a better reason than mine however. :)

only 3 days to go!

if you don't drink any caffeine daily my neurologist recommends excedrin (the version without asprin) apparently the combo of caffeine and acetamenophen can knock those nasty M's back to the hellish place they came from. it has worked for me on a few occasions.

Shelli said...