Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I changed the template back

to the old one, for now-not having my graphics up was bugging the shit out of me.

However, Cat told me that she could still see them, so when I went to my parent's house yesterday I logged into their computer, hoping to see my little bubbles, but NADA.

Hopefully it's only temporary. I wish I knew how to design my own blog template-then I can do whatever I want......*sigh* oh, well.

Today is 11dp5(6)dt. I think that I'll take an HPT tomorrow morning, just to see. I'm afraid to, because I don't want to see that "negative" result, but maybe I'll be surprised.

No other symptoms, except for the need to have to wear a pantyliner all the time. There's CONSTANT leakage, which I'm assuming is from the suppositories (I've christened them the "baby bullets"), but it's nasty. I keep going to the crapper, thinking that I'm spotting, but there's nada. That's been pretty constant in the last week or so, though.


No other happenings going on around here. Just waiting for B(eta)-day and the arrival of my laptop, which can't come sooner-my computer has been running slow as shite lately. Plus, it'll be nice to blog from my bed, the couch, or even outside, since I got an internal wireless card and a modem-woot!

Two more days to go.

1 comment:

cat said...

I'm sending you email with a link to a custom blog tutorial. Hope that helps.

Two more days :) and counting.

*crossed fingers, crossed toes, crossed eyes... etc.*